Day ten started with a weight

May 11, 2011

12 Week Plan: Day number: 10 of 84

Plenty of weight exercises this morning. Starting to feel a little better after the sessions quicker. Last week I was knackered most the day but now I’m ok by lunchntime. Having said that posting such in a public blog read by ones own trainer may make him think to add more torment to the routines.

You never know he probably doesn’t read this.

Training: 6-00am

Activity: Training with Louis Thompson at his Unit in Coventry

Weight training


07:30 – Protein shake

09:40 – Beans and a slice of wholemeal toast

11:00 – Fruit time

13:00– Sardines and salad

16:30 – Protein Shake

18:00 – Fruit

19:15 – Tuna, salad and bonus boiled egg

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