Announcement from FaceBook regarding Geoff Thompson: 2

September 6, 2012

Just to bring an update and end I suppose to this conversation, thank you so much for all those have expressed opinions and views. I value them all. Whether it be about the original subject or the pies. Not to listen is not to learn. Such views either affirm your opinion, change it or reinforce it.

I’ve had a few kind messages about being downhearted. To be honest and it may sound a tad callous, there is much relief in there as well. For me, something felt not right for a long time but I found duty bound to not address it. With the best of intentions, and I try to have them, how can things not work out?

A friend of mine has had much strife in the last 12 months which make the above pale into insignificance, a man of high morals and integrity. A lovely man. The karmic wheel shouldn’t have bit him on the bum in my opinion but it did. Sh*t happens. With his good intention, before and during, how could things not have worked out. I learned from watching hime that unless you ‘act’ with the right intention nothing comes. It’s in the doing. The doing.

Positive outlook and faith is but a fuel which needs to be spent. Action. Its the journey.

Would Dave Turton and Mo Teague who posted above be a great teachers just thinking about stuff? Would my friend Karen Gadd be a great authority in the K9 world? Would Alan Stewart be one of the worlds best marketers in the world, he lives in Australia, had us poms not sent his ancestors to a penal colony to suffer great weather?

This all took action for something good to come out. Good stuff + Action = Positive results. This, for me is not faith and religious dogma, it just makes simple sense. This is why I choose to speak up.

The end game has now played out on this episode. On Monday I sent Geoff a message to see if I had his consent to publish the podcasts we made over three years elsewhere on the web. I missed his call of reply. It went to voice mail, I was in a meeting with a client.

He said I did not have his consent. Thats fine, they are as much his as mine and I would not use other peoples work without there permission. He went onto say that I no longer had his respect nor after all this time, his friendship. What I have done is the worst thing I could have done to ‘myself’ but he wanted me to know I had his forgiveness.

To comment on how I feel I think isn’t relevant, moreover to highlight again my reason for action.
“All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing.” (Edmund Burke). I think the word evil in this sentence is a bit harsh but the sentiment within, history shows, is right. You have to do what you feel is right. Why on Facebook, becasue the relationship I have with Geoff and his work is public.

I wish no ill for anyone for that would be a waste of thought. Anger serves no one except your enemy and pharmaceutical companies that supply blood pressure pils. I sincerely hope all will be right in the end for I want to believe if it is not, then it is not the end. (Marigold)
Thanks for contributing and thanks so much for reading and as an old friend of mine once said at the end of inspiring thought provoking articles… Be Well.

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