Douglas and Football

December 8, 2012

Douglas, a member of my extended family died at 8:15pm yesterday. A larger than life man taken by lung cancer at the age of 76. He had quite some life. I knew him mostly from seeing him at the football watching Coventry City play. He always saw the opposite to me and we’d banter. The last time I saw him he punched me on the arm as we parted, smiling, as we bantered some more as us silly men do about football.

In his last weeks he would have liked nothing more to watch for one last time the team we argued about. Such a simple thing but beyond him one last time, he did not have the breath. I writing this not for condolences. I am writing this as Douglas has reminded me to take pleasure in the simple things and the people that enrich your life with their being. There will be a time when you can no more. I wanted to share this thought. Perhaps you could share this thought. Today I’m going to the football to watch the game from the stand. Douglas wont be in the next seat. I like to think that Douglas will have a great view from above. Play up Sky Blues.

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