February 7, 2013

For the past eight weeks getting out of bed hasn’t been easy. I didn’t know what they day would bring until I would turn and place my foot on the floor. At that point I knew it would be OK and without to much pain or more times than not, a battle with sciatica and at times excruciating pain. At times it gets me down for just walking on the bad days is hard and I love to run. That said the OK days become better than that because I appreciate them more. Its not until the things you take for granted break and upset the apple cart that you take a moment to think you should be thankful. I’ve heard two stories today of people saying if only I had thought, if only I had the opportunity, if only I knew at the time. Taking time to take stock of the half full cup always brings a smile and I’d rather raise half a cup high than peer into a cup half empty. It feels better that way.

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