Phil Norman Interviewed At TMAX

October 23, 2013

Phil Norman At TMAX interviewed by Richard Barnes

Had Phil’s mum not being a teacher at the same school as he attended, his story might be very different. Had Phil listened to doctors advice after a crippling injury his story would had been a lot shorter. Had Phil decided travelling thousands of miles to follow his passion was far to far to go, his story would not have been great.

Some of the decisions Phil took were to overcome the bullies, to not give up and seek out the very best tuition in the world to follow a passion that started with Hong Kong Phooey.

A winner of a world title in Sports Ju Jitsu, a winner of the hit TV series Gladiators and awarded a degree in sports science after enrolling on a course to help him overcome the boredom of not being able to undertake physical training is quite a story.

That’s not the end, now he’s used he’s years of experience and knowledge to re-write the combat training model with his Ghost system. Enjoy listening to Phil Norman.

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