Real Life, Real Stories… Anthony Pillage

December 7, 2012

Meet Anthony Pillage, aka Tony or Pillage, all are OK with this author, teacher, club owner and martial arts hall of fame legend. Described by his peers as a Tiger type character from Winnie The Pooh for his boundless energy and ability to make things happen.

His story of getting things done flies in the face of convention. When the rules of doing something dictate years of study of method and application he tears up the rule book and just does it. He makes things work.

His passion is teaching martial arts, but came to that later in life than is the norm. Prior he taught P.E. and was then a successful salesman who enjoyed an opulent life style and fell into Class A drug addiction.

After a life threatening situation he choose a different direction and despite attracting much criticism from the establishment he became the success he is today.

Tony talks life, business, personal tragedy and success in a frank, open and candid way which makes this podcast an enjoyable enlightening listen.

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