Real Life, Real stories… with Alan Peasland

January 2, 2013

Alan Peasland talks to Richard Barnes

Alan Peasland, some would say has a dream job. He’s recently back from Brazil from an event watched by the eyes of the world. Some say he has one of the best jobs in the world, working for a team that has won the world championship for the last three years. The sport he works in is watched by 2 billion people around the world. He works for Red Bull Formula 1.

His path into dream job, like Al, was not conventional. Much about Alan is not conventional. While talking to him it’s apparent he had one bit of blind luck when he was a youngster and the rest is all down to his hard work, commitment and philosophy to continue to learn.

Alan is ‘extremely’ respected in the martial arts world, has his own club, teaching and sharing with others what he has learned but he’s tested it. He’s put himself out there, in the firing line when convention would have said he was mad, when convention would have said it would not lead anywhere. Alan is the exception to the rule. He tells me in this podcast how he did it and continues to do so. And that’s only part of his story so far. Listen, Enjoy and Share the podcast.

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