Real Life, Real Stories… with Darren Checkley

June 19, 2013


Darren Checkley is a top class personal trainer living in Coventry UK who has been changing peoples lives for many, many years. He has crafted out a successful business and very much in demand for what he does so well. He recently set himself the ultimate physical challenge of an Ironman Triathlon, a sea swim in the cold North Sea, 102 miles on a bike course boasting 7,000ft of elevation and a 26 mile marathon up and down Ben Nevis.

He said there were two reasons to do it.

One, to do it. And two to test out his knowledge and experience gained from constant studying over the years so he can share that wisdom with others.

If you get advice from Darren you will know it works, he’s tested and proved it.

Darren’s journey to today he shares in the podcast, a series of unforeseen events perpetuated back in the day within school. He was the victim of bullying.

From that he figured he needed to do something about it. For himself and for his family. He learned martial arts. He got good at it but wanted to know how to be better so he bugged a friend who was doing a university degree,  so much so his friend set him up and got him on a course which lead on to… well I’ll let Darren tell you the story. It’s a good story with some great life pointers for all.

So whether you’re into fitness, want to know about nutrition, how to run a successful business or turn on the head a negative to a positive let Darren Checkley inspire with his story.


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