Real Life, Real Stories… with Dean Coulson

November 23, 2012

Dean CoulsonDean Coulson is the owner of Assert Fitness, a leading Personal Training and Sports Therapy Company based in South East Northumberland and a martial arts black belt. He’s just become the Jamie Oliver’s Food Ambassador for Northumberland and has had success story after success story from people he has helped.

His outlook to what he does is different from many coaches. Whatever he teaches he’s tried and tested himself. His insight is unique because he’s found out what works. He’s also forthright and some would say controversial in what he thinks is right on wrong in how people live their lives.

Being a fitness coach wasn’t something he always wanted to do. He had a succesful career and an IT expert before deciding to change direction. He stopped working in IT 4 years ago and took the leap. He says it wasn’t easy putting away a regualr wage to follow a passion. Dean speaks about it in the podcast.

He talks about training, weight loss, diet fads and why people fall off the get fit wagon. He also tells his top 8 life secrets. Its a cracking listen, guaranteed or your money back.




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