Real Life, Real Stories… with Pete Skillen

November 9, 2012

Peter Skillen was born in Loughborough in the summer of 1970. When you read about Pete Skillen you cannot fail to be impressed by what he has achieved. But that is  only part of the story. The ‘Real Story’ about Pete is a triumph of human spirit over all consuming adversity.

Growing up in the hardest of times, life wasn’t easy or straight forward. It wasn’t kind to Pete either. At his lowest he contemplated ending it all but choose to fight for the life he wanted. He overcame alcoholism and turned his life around.   It wasn’t easy.  Pete’s story is inspiring and enlightening and it continues to develop as Pete embraces new challenges and overcomes the fear that held him back.

Peter’s first book ‘The Twelve Step Warrior’ is out now. It’s the story of his life and this podcast is about Pete.

Peter is also an accomplished Martial Artist holding multiple black belts, he continues to study and coach various different forms of martial arts to the general public as well as national, world, and Olympic champions of various sports. Peter sites his Martial Arts training alongside his own personal beliefs as the axis on which his success in life depends.

Pete is also an accomplished film maker who has produced a trio of short films. Shed, his first short film was shortlisted and shown at the Green Bay film festival in the USA in 2012.

Peter also works freelance within the corporate sector having produced films for national companies such as connexions and Leicester City Council.


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