Real Life, Real Stories… with Steve Rowe

May 8, 2013

Steve Rowe - 8th Dan

There were two things that prompted me to ask Steve Rowe if I could interview him. The first, his passion for doing the same thing for over 40 years. The second, his humour in facing the prospect of having his leg amputated.

I had two questions. How can you be so passionate about something for so long and how can you laugh at such adversity. So in my car I went to Kent to meet this 8th Dan martial arts master and self professed ‘nutter’.

Steve met me, struggling on crutches after the umpteenth treatment to fix his leg after a catalogue of medical misfeasance, cheery and welcoming. We ate, we talked and I recorded a podcast.

His story, no, love affair borne out of necessity to deal with violence in his early life, the need to find a direction and a taste for something exotic is extraordinary.   Forty years later, a pile wiser, living the life he loves, he takes the proverbial out of something that could stop him doing what he’s still so passionate about.

This is a podcast for everyone, no martial arts experience necessary, and his story and lessons learned offer much insight and inspiration to all.

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