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January 26, 2013

Tony Terranova through his lifeTony Terranova is different from nearly everybody you’ll ever meet, in a very good way. His whole life philosophy, so far, is condensed onto one A4 piece of paper. Such a small piece of paper surely couldn’t hold such golden nuggets that would take a life, so far, to collect.

Well the answer to that, as I found out chatting to him, depends on where you go prospecting for gold. Tony loves science and engineering and he likes reason and explanation. He’s found out that; “The solution to every problem is an aspect of the problem itself.”

This discovery came doing his day job, traveling the world going to fix power stations. The ones that generate electrify for homes and business. The one’s what when they break, can lose $1million a minute. That discovery though was but one of the discoveries he made by using every minute of his allotted 24 hours to do something useful. When going to do a job he packed to do the job, he packed his clothes and he packed for the downtime in the allotted day. He collected a mobile university that he could carry; he worked out how to work out when away from home to take care of the physical needs, and opened his mind to what different cultures and places have to teach.

This is when his prospecting started to reap rewards. As each nugget was found he’d refine and condense its wisdom, write it down and voila, he had any entry for his piece of A4, his journal aid memoir for life, to remind him when life chucked problems his way. He wanted it to act as a road map to serve others and leave legacy.

Tony talks about his life, his passion for martial arts, teaching, work and how his ever-developing philosophy has brought him happiness and contentment.

If you want to learn how to be the best you can be, physically and mentally, Tony Terranova is someone to listen too.

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