Victim no more.

September 20, 2012

As many know, I have had a falling out in the past few weeks with a friend of over 25 years. While on the outside I didn’t feel it impacted greatly, when my mind is quiet it seems to occupy my thoughts.

This morning while running I concluded, no more. I will not feel a victim for standing up, with integrity and honest belief and speaking the truth. For some it felt unsavoury, after all, there is no growth in comfort. I will not accept ‘forgiveness’ extended for I know now it is not something that is given, it is something that is done.

I was told, “It was the worst thing I could have done to myself”, speaking out. It took me a couple of weeks to figure out, what tosh. I was asked “Who am I to judge … cast the first stone”. I know now, who are we/I not to.

We all have questions to answer, and I hope and believe my time in that interview will be significantly shorter than others.

Forgive yourself first. Look within, then you can look without with integrity, honesty and love. Take note. The next time I see injustice, something that needs doing, something that should be sai,d I will stand up on the rooftop and sing at the top of my voice. I refuse to be a victim and I will create my own destiny. Full stop.

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