Day Seven – Masterclass Sunday

May 8, 2011

12 Week Plan: Day number: 7 of 84 Geoff Thompson’s Masterclass is something I’ve had the privilege to be part of by default. I first met Geoff 25 years ago working in a nightclub in Coventry. He on the door and myself the DJ. Since then we’ve shared a few corners, ups and downs. I

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The Good Book

April 19, 2011

I love receiving presents and yesterday was one of those days where a delivery is received from Mr Postie, a package that no one had ordered. Not just a parcel. A present. Inside the card Amazon packaging that always demands effort to lease from the super adhesive was a bright burgundy paper, wrapped with a

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The inside view from my planet

April 13, 2011

Hello. I’m Richard Barnes. Herein the walls of this repository you can find a (small) plethora of musings, writings and pictures I wanted to share. Some from just me and others from, others. People who are friends, clients and some who are both. Some total strangers while others are voices from distant times. Admission cost

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