Day Seven – Masterclass Sunday

May 8, 2011

12 Week Plan: Day number: 7 of 84

Geoff Thompson’s Masterclass is something I’ve had the privilege to be part of by default. I first met Geoff 25 years ago working in a nightclub in Coventry. He on the door and myself the DJ. Since then we’ve shared a few corners, ups and downs. I get to teach a little, talk and be inspired by those that attend. You have no idea who is in that room, just a group of people wearing training gear. But those assembled aren’t any normal people.

They come from every walk of life from Joe Blogs unemployed to Joe Blogs the multi-millionaire. In fact there’s Joanne Blogs in attendance as well. The energy and atmosphere is nothing less than marvelous. There’s a new one starting soon, check for details.

Anyway I digress, lets talk about me. I had a lay in, didn’t arise to 8-30, yay me. Then a reasonable lazy morning until the midday start. The tiredness of the previous day had lessened and the comments of, ‘Hey rich, you lost weight?’… made up for the weeks discomfort. Yay me! Nice to Louis not hobbling anymore, his broken toe less painful.

Training:  None scheduled

Activity: Geoff Thompson’s Masterclass


09:00 – Protein shake

09:40 – 1 and half eggs, scrambled on wholemeal (out of date 🙂 bread)

11:00 – Protein Shake

14:00 – Banana and Apple

13:00– Tuna with salad

17:40 – Protein Shake

18:30 – Chicken with Tika spices, spinach, peas, onions, runner beans and 3 jersey royal spuds. Hit the spot!


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