Real Life, Real Stories… with Matt Page

July 23, 2013

Matt Page, Writer, Actor, Director

Meet Matt Page. An actor, writer and director from Albuquerque, New Mexico, USA. He’s appeared in numerous US TV shows and films and has a part in the new film ‘The Lone Ranger’.  He is the creator of the YouTube hit Enter The Dojo and the martial arts legend Master Ken. The show has had in excess of 3 million hits. His business, Riff Raff New Media is doing well and all in all, Matt is a happy chappy, doing the things he loves, living life how he wants to.

This though didn’t all come together by accident.

At 18 with a love of film, he left high school and home to seek fame and fortune in Hollywood. It didn’t work out. No fame. No fortune. Just time spent dodging the landlord for rent, scraping by trying to live up to what those at home believed he had gone to do. The dream turned to nightmare. He left Hollywood and went home. This podcast is Matt’s story, turning the nightmare back into the dream again, following his life’s passion and making it work. Enjoy this inspirational story.

More information:
YouTube: Enter The Dojo

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