Steve Rowe Interviewed at TMAX 2013

November 1, 2013

Steve Rowe at TMAX 2013

Steve Rowe is head of “Shikon Martial Arts” based in Chattam, Kent. Well versed in Wado ryu Karate, Iaido ( Japanese sword ) and a practitioner of Yang family Tai Chi. With over 40 years of Martial arts under his belt, he is one of the most influential Western martial artists in Europe.

Six years ago he had a double knee replacement that injured his legs, a further 14 surgeries, it’s now 20 months since attempted and failed rebuilds to connect the 6 severed and atrophied quadriceps muscles in his legs and tying the kneecaps in place, 10 months since they identified MRSA infection that nearly killed him with an initial failed debridgement and subsequent further knee replacement with antibiotic cement, spacer and 3 months of powerful intravenous antibiotic treatment. There’s no doubt, he had a hell of a time.
Overcoming adversity and pain has become a routine daily occurrence for Steve. Yet still he is one of the most successful men in martial arts.

The end of this year has his organisation with packed classes, over 600 students, 25 successful after school clubs and 7 professional Instructors and paid office staff. All Seminars and demonstrations in the UK, and abroad have been highly successful with the 24th Annual Czech Summer Course the pinnacle of the year.

His story is a cracker, he’s a witty articulate gentle man and well worth listening too. Enjoy.

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