The Good Book

April 19, 2011

I love receiving presents and yesterday was one of those days where a delivery is received from Mr Postie, a package that no one had ordered.

Not just a parcel. A present.

Inside the card Amazon packaging that always demands effort to lease from the super adhesive was a bright burgundy paper, wrapped with a ribbon and card attached. The card revealed the sender, Iain Abernethy, ( one of the planets best martial artists, you know, him with the even more famous mum. Ahh. Now the penny drops. Or not. Inside was a book.

The Good Book.

Not entirely sure if the title, The Good Book, was a cunning marketing ploy or more reflective of the tomes contents. After a browse last evening I’m happy to report that the later seems to be the case. The Good Book, A Secular Bible by A.C Grayling makes interesting, open it anywhere and dive in, reading.

Amazon say… Drawing on the wisdom of 2,500 years of contemplative non-religious writing on all that it means to be human – from the origins of the universe to small matters of courtesy and kindness in everyday life – A.C. Grayling, Britain’s most popular and widely read philosopher, has created a secular bible. Designed to be read as narrative and also to be dipped into for inspiration, encouragement and consolation, “The Good Book” offers a thoughtful, non-religious alternative to the many people who do not follow one of the world’s great religions.

I like the idea, the more I’m a tourist in the other Good Books the more I conclude the messages held therein are the same. Reading quickly is not a gift I’m blessed with but no doubt I’ll refer back to how this non religious philosophical ideology ways up. It’s already proved a couple of quotes for Twitter 🙂

It great to get presents, but better still when they are more exciting after you’ve ripped the wrapper off.

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