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Gandhi’s Top 10 Fundamentals for Changing the World


1. Change yourself

“… You must be the change you want to see in the world.”
“… As human beings, our greatness lies not so much in being able to remake the world – that is the myth of the atomic age – as in being able to remake ourselves.”

2.You are in control Continue reading…

Could you spot a conman? Meet Ken Gooley.

Ken Gooley - Conman (Right)Could you spot a conman? I thought I could but I didn’t. Not for a while.

Five years ago I met a man who turned out to be a conman. He conned many decent people out of tens of thousands of pounds, including Watford Football Club, Coventry City FC and some friends of mine.. I was due on Wednesday to give evidence at his trial as a witness for the prosecution. Today he changed his plea to guilty and has been convicted and sentenced. Continue reading…

I want a 5 inch 6.

iPhoneIt seems my loving relationship is being tested. We’ve been together now for over 15 years and yesterday part of us separated. I sent my iPhone6 back. Now, that seems to be a mighty dumb move. The reason for the return was to replace it with the iPhone 6 Plus because the 6 was not quite big enough. After all, things have to be right, we’re going to be co-habitating for another 2 years together. Continue reading…

Ruzwana Bashir

I was wrong last week when I wrote about 1,400 children being abused in Rotherham. I said it was perpetrated by Pakistani heritage men preying mostly on venerable white girls.

Ruzwana Bashir

In the picture is Ruzwana Bashir. A girl who lived just up the road from Rotherham in Skipton. She was abused when she was young. She felt so ashamed at the time she didn’t tell anyone. She dared not to. She kept herself to herself and studied. She thought it might be her way out. At 18 she was offered a place at Oxford University, put aside the traditional shalwar kameez, left her home, wore jeans and tried to fit in. She succeeded in so many ways, became president of Oxford Union, got an amazing job in the City with Goldman Sachs and a few years later got her MBA.   But she was haunted by her passed. Continue reading…

Racism and Political Correctness Causes Abuse

Rotherham Scandal

I believe racism and political correctness are material facts to this story. And while I take the point that the abuse is abuse and a crime is a crime regardless of race, creed, colour, sex and age the causes of this are not being addressed for fear of those asking this question being regarded as politically incorrect and racist. It’s just this weapon that has been used by the abusers to carry out such horrors for so long.

The hereditary Pakistani Continue reading…


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