Who is this ‘God’ I see referred to in so many places?

March 9, 2012

I posted a question on Geoff Thompson’s Facebook page yesterday and asked a question. The thoughts and opinions expressed I think are worth sharing and without further a do – I’m going to copy and paste below…. I think it makes interesting reading and a very male centric response which is more to do with the forum than the question, perhaps.

Ross Walker Different for everyone I think. In my mind you are your own god… The creator of your own path in life
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Garry Smith I see him in the mirror!!! But I am a loony.
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Danny Gee Bigger than me. Loving and caring. Nothing more nothing less.
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Thomas Maxwell Something not many people try to understand, or care about any more.
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Andy Chapman Not only ‘Who’ but where is he/she?
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Thomas Maxwell Try reading the Bible Andy, it’s long, sometimes laborious, but well worth the journey. Much like martial arts.
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Garry Smith What about the Gnostic Gospels?
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Andrew Weston Christian view is that it’s Him who humans alone separated from and were reconciled with by Jesus.
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Dean Coulson God is love
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Richard Barnes ?”God is love” … Love is an emotion, an emotion is merely energy with a story line attached… so by that definition God is Energy????
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Dean Coulson yup, I would go with that
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Richard Barnes And there are two types of energy, negative and positive ??? Is it that simple?
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Dean Coulson simpler, there is only one type of energy, it is how we interpret this energy that makes it positive or negative
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Ned Law i dont think god even knows what he/she/it is
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Richard Barnes Not sure I agree entirely with Dean Coulson – my science head says yes, there is energy, but for energy to flow you must have both the positive and negative. So then God is just a label for energy, not some bearded bloke in the sky, the creator?
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Ned Law one thing is certain, he is a man
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Richard Barnes Why Ned?
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Ned Law cause im a man, and as a man i know im right
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Michael Townsend lol. As an atheist I just see god as something some people believe in
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Richard Barnes Ned I reckon your wrong as us men know we cant multi task unless one of the activities involves scratching.
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Richard Barnes Michael – I struggle with the Atheist thing – you ‘believe’ there isn’t a God? Is that not the same belief that is used in believing there is a God. And in such the act of belief is faith. See why I struggle with this.
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Ned Law haha true Richard maybe god isnt a man but the god of god definitely is!
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Richard Barnes Back to the question though – Tell me who is this God I see referred to. Is Dean Coulson right. Is there an answer we could all agree on or a least beg to differ on.
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Paul Ricketts This is a can of worms Richard, for many people. I think lots get confused between God (or our interpretation of God) and the religions that purport God. Religions essentially are there to show us a better way of living and find that God that makes us peaceful and at one with ourselves and all. I believe in that fundamental belief but Im not sure I agree with many peoples manipulation of religion to achieve their purpose not THE PURPOSE. Does that make any sense to anyone! I hope so!
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Michael Townsend No Richard, it’s not that I choose to not believe in a god. I see no evidence for or need to have a god. I have no holes in my life that need a crutch therefor I call myself an atheist.
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Ben Slinn God is the creator, creating with a vibration of particles (energy) giving rise to physical form and love is the component that binds this physical form and creates union. An absence of love creates dysfunction and destruction, which is in opposition to the creators creation. A loving outlook both within the self and beyond brings us closer to the creator and reveals the presence within.
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Thomas Maxwell The thing about God is in looking for him. If you don’t look, you won’t find. A saying comes to mind ” It’s easier for a Camel to go through the eye of a needle, than for a rich man to enter into the kingdom of God”. ( Matthew 19:24 ).
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Christian Käll This is a really interesting subject. And for me it is like the more i read and think about God, more and more qustions arise. I like this chinese saying:
He who speaks does not know tao, he who nows tao does not speak.
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Thomas Pashler Tis meerly a word, an Idea…………….
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Al Peasland Richard said, “love is an emotion, and emotion is only energy with a story, so by definition, god is energy”. But by definition, god could also just be a story if the definition is just one half of the equation
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Christian Käll I think that you really have to be careful when you discuss God. Becouse Words are so limited, and also they can be loaded whith diffrent values and misconceptions. Words brings forward diffrent feelings with different people. Its like the zen saying ” you can point your finger to the moon, but the finger is not the moon”. So you can talk about God, but i find for myself that i often get lost in the words about God. For me, God is beyond. For example when i meditate, and really centered, i can feel god, or gods precense. But trying to put words on it is difficult. Only writing this makes the experience of God sound flat and limited.
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Ben Slinn It’s interesting to note Christian that the Neural firing in the brain can be seen to create organized firing between the left and right sides of the brain, the parts become whole.
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Ben Slinn I meant to say when meditating
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Chris Crossan God is The Almighty
The beginning and the last , the Alpha and The Omega !!
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Chris Crossan Read One Step Beyond the story of Gram Seed this book saved my life by the grace of God – read Grams follow up book It Must Be Love and learn how God used Gram to save me !!!
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Chris Crossan Read The Bible
Pray for understanding !!
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Chris Crossan Watch Dr Ransom Mumba preach on you tube
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Chris Crossan Read Run Baby Run the story of Nicky Cruz new Yorks most violent gang leader turned evangelist !!!
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Chris Crossan One thing is for sure God won’t be mocked !!
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Christian Käll Yes Ben, there are a lot of benefits from just doing meditation.
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Chris Doyle whoever you want him to be
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Vaughan Jackson There is only One God, the God of the Bible, the God of Moses, Abraham, etc. The Jews, Muslims and Christians all recognize Him. He is the Alpha and Omega, the first word and the final word.
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Thomas Maxwell http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HbS3sAEB7pM
perfect stranger part3 Salt
http://www.facebook.com/arab.eas ?????? ?????? ?? ????? ????? perfect stranger
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Thomas Maxwell Thought you guys might find this interesting.
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Richard Barnes Interesting discussion. I love Al Peasland engineering mind coming to play in breaking down the equation. He does that with his martial arts teaching as well which is why you should seek out his instruction. (Was that an OK plug Al 🙂

I started by asking ‘Who’ and had a lot of ‘What’ responses. There was also a warning aired about talking openly about this as to avoid confussion or offend.

The forth word of the original bible in Hebrew uses the the word Elohim rather than Jehova which I understand means Gods… So it reads, In the beginning Gods created…. which confuses me to what comes after but according to my misses I’m easliy cofussed.

There is also contention that for what we don’t have words for can’t exist. When the Shamen in central America first saw the Spanish ships ariving they didn’t see the ships as they had no understanding or reference to draw on. What they saw as the ships approached was the effect of the travel on the horizon and disturbed movement of the waves. It was only after this they could then see the ships. If this is true trying to find an answer may be difficult that that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t seek an answer.Getting things wrong brings you closer to the right as Eddison demonstrated with 2,500 go’s at trying to make a lightbulb.

What is apparent from this limited discussion is there doesn’t seem to be a one fit for all definition. The word means different things to different people which is what I wanted to find out when I asked the question. Whatever the answer the important things is to accept that others have the ‘God’ given right to their perception and through this right we all have the chance to further explore the question.
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Paul Ricketts Simply bloody brilliant thread Richard Barnes and eloquently put final response.
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Richard Barnes Its not final because yours was final…. until now 🙂
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