I want a 5 inch 6.

September 25, 2014

iPhoneIt seems my loving relationship is being tested. We’ve been together now for over 15 years and yesterday part of us separated. I sent my iPhone6 back. Now, that seems to be a mighty dumb move. The reason for the return was to replace it with the iPhone 6 Plus because the 6 was not quite big enough. After all, things have to be right, we’re going to be co-habitating for another 2 years together. But then the story broke yesterday about ‘bend gate’. The iPhone 6 Plus bends easily when in a man pocket. Worrying. Plus there latest phone update was pulled after just two hours because it stopped the phone being a phone.

Mt problem is the iPhone 6 is a tad to small, especially when you see the delicious screens on the Samsung Galaxy s5 or the Nexus 5 or the new Sony offering. I was resigned to the fact to put up with the extra bulk of the Plus… but they bend, who wants a bent phone. And therein lies the problem.

I would wager Steve Jobs is rotating in his grave right now as Apple have released a phone driven by the desire to satisfy economics rather than satisfy the need of the users. Jobs was all about getting the device right. The release of a iPhone 5 and a 5C should have shown them that us Apple lovers want the dream, the fairy tale, not a great script that has been re-written for TV to accommodate commercial breaks.

I’m now left in a quandary of having to phone my provider to ask for my 6 back and put up with it not being all it should or take the Plus and risk the bend, and let me tell you, with me, it will bend. I love Apple products, they just work, well they did, but now I’m left feeling compromised, my relationship going through a rough patch and the future uncertain. Give me back my fairy tale and make sure it has a happy ever after.

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