Real Life Real Stories… with Ian McCranor

October 26, 2012

Ian McCranorEpisode 1 : Ian McCranor

Ian McCranor competed in the England Karate Team around the world. He was a doorman in Coventry, UK at a time when the city’s nightlife scene was known throughout Europe for it’s violence. In time he made a decision to change his life completely and up’d sticks in the UK and moved to Indiana, USA. There he opened his own gym and took what life had taught him and developed his own brand of fitness and weight loss.

His insight and experience give him unique perspective for healthy lifestyles, self defence, martial arts and living a happy life. His opinions are open and frank and may offend but they are his, they are tried and tested and he’s successful.

I asked Ian, with the benefit of hindsight what would the Ian of today advise 18 year old Ian back in the day. His story is inspirational and offers something for all.

Enjoy the podcast.


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