Tim Tackett Interviewed At TMAX 2013

October 28, 2013

Tim Tackett JKD Legend at TMAX

“Don’t be bound by anything, the truth is always outside any fixed patterns.” Martial arts legend, Tim Tackett’s final words to me resounded not just for the field of martial arts but also for a whole worldview.

Tim has had 3 love affairs in his life. His wife who he met after High School, his love of teaching Drama and as a world renowned martial arts teacher.    Tim began training properly in the martial arts when he was stationed in Taiwan in 1962 while serving in the United States Air Force. He trained 6 days a week for 7 hours for the three years he was there. On leaving the air force he returned home and went to college. To fund his way through college he opened a Kung Fu school.

In 1967 he first came across Bruce Lee. From then he went to train with Dan Inosanto, Bob Bremer, Dan Lee, Richard Bustillo, Pete Jacobs and Jerry Poteet which started the famous Wednesday Night Group.

Now, Tim runs a non-profit group dedicated to preserving Bruce Lee’s art of Jeet Kune Do and travels the world sharing his knowledge.

He is instrumental in sharing the teachings of Bruce Lee and JKD to the world.

Tim talks about his life, his view of martial arts, he’s critical of what is taught to today, and he shares some the wisdom learned from of his life. He’s a fascinating person. Enjoy.

More information see : http://www.jkdwednite.com

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