Anger does not serve. 

May 18, 2017

The Buddha said… “Anger serves nobody but your enemy.” 

I like this idea. It is empowering. 

You can spend you so much time angry or disappointed at the actions of others and all the angst you hold inside for them, all that contempt because they don’t act to a standard you believe they should, means absolutely nothing to them. 

They sleep soundly while you lie awake. In the meantime you lose the opportunity to be happy. Empowerment happens when you don’t give time in negative thought, in disappointment, in anger. Rather you be the best you can be, refusing to be dragged down and shackled by others and you become the best version of yourself. You become the better person. 

From then on you have the time to spend on the things that do really matter, the people that matter and you empower yourself to be happy. 

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