Barrington Patterson At TMAX 2013

November 12, 2013

Barrington Patterson

Barrington Patterson

‘One-Eyed Baz’ is the life story to date of Barrington Patterson that has received critical acclaim. After an accident when he was six, he was blinded in one eye. This did not stop Barrington going on to do what he wanted to in life. He doesn’t regard it as a disability that holds him back. He’s colourful larger than life character and a top martial artist who has fought on the world stage against world champions and won world belts.

His fight with Vitali Klitschko is the stuff of legend. He tells the story here. Barrington talks about his life, his involvement with football violence with the Birmingham Zulu’s and his career as a fighter that has took him all over the world in front of huge stadium audiences. He tells of his respect for his family and how he is saddened today that respect and honour is not as valued as it should be. He also gives a sneaky peak into to his latest project, that of a movie star in a new Brit flick and willingness to warn today’s youth of the pitfalls of taking the wrong path in life. He’s a larger than life character with some great stories to share. It’s a honest and truthful interview that is entertaining and insightful.

A must listen. Enjoy.

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