Real Life, Real Stories… with Master Ken

July 23, 2013

Master Ken - World martial arts legend

It was a true privilege to get to speak to martial arts legend and internet star , Master Ken. His ‘Enter The Dojo’ show has had over 3 million views, he travels the world to assist inferior martial artists see the light and offers hope for those seeking peace in the knowledge the can defend themselves using techniques this 11th Dan black belt developed. The Kill Face, Groin Grab, Hurticane and the Trust of Freedom are all part of the Ameri-Do-Tei system he developed. His work with Ninja’s has saved many from a life of wearing pyjamas.  And there’s more…

In this exclusive interview, he offers his honest opinion on other martial arts and artists, he says if Bruce Lee was alive today, Bruce would study under Master Ken and reveals exclusively what he thinks of dogs. Not to be missed, this Master Ken interview is an insight to the man like you’ve never heard before and could possibly save your life. 🙂 Share with your friends, it might save theirs as well.


Note: Master Ken is coming to the Martial Arts Expo – 19-20 October 2013, Ricoh Arena, Coventry. The UK’s Martial Arts Show for 2013.

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