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September 4, 2012

Originally posted on Facebook 31st August 2012

For many years I have been associated with the work of Geoff Thompson. It has become apparent that I have received criticism regarding his website and online media. This is unfounded. I no longer look after Geoff Thompson’s website or any of his online interests. After 25 years of friendship our views are no longer congruent.

That’s fine; we all change and go in different directions, his work has, in my opinion, changed lives and provided direction for many. It’s been a privilege to have been but a small part of it.

The responsibility for his online presence now vests with his son Louis Thompson. Despite previous posts I can no longer endorse or commend Louis Thompson in any way.

Comments posted that followed

Brady Hudson What’s happened Richard?
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Ben Neale Yeah this sounds concerning mate 🙁 Are you still going to be doing the podcasts?!
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Al Peasland Big Respect Richard for your honesty and integrity. x
31 August at 11:04 via Mobile · Like · 10

Richard Barnes ?Ben Neale Sorry no more podcasts, but never say never. I don’t think they are available anymore. There was talk of them being included in a package that would be charge for. I did all the podcasts for free as this, for me, was an element of service. I did not agree to them being sold. This was later rescinded. Brady Hudson – what happened. Let me consider the best way to answer that as I feel it something to share but must consider the best way.
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Ben Neale Thanks Rich. And thanks for all the podcasts too, for me they were extremely inspiring as well as entertaining. They really helped in so many aspects of my life and training and I’m really grateful to you both for your time. As for what’s happened, would also be good to hear, although only if you’re happy to share.
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Kalvin Smith Dear Richard, Deepest thanks all of your work, passion and commitment. I’ve no doubt that you already have new and exciting challenges in your sights. I’ll be sure to keep an eye out to see what you get up to next. Your upside down expat mate Kalvin 😉
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Paul Ricketts ?Richard Barnes we have never met, but feel like I know you thro years of listening on podcasts. Keep smiling, thanks for the work on all our behalf’s
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Richard Barnes I would be grateful if my status was shared on GT group page. I cant do so myself.
31 August at 11:31 · Like

Ben Neale Done Rich 🙂
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Peter Skillen Richard what is it that has made you part compnay with Geoff
31 August at 11:34 · Like

Andy Begej not knowing what has gone on, im guessing that it has to do with the legalaties of a competion and a ltd company?
31 August at 11:38 via Mobile · Like

Vaughan Jackson For what it is worth, I stopped listening to Geoff’s podcasts after he admitted following Aleister Crowley. Crowley is a renowned satanist who enjoyed sodomy and rape as a way of annoying God. I fail to see the congruence between that, and Geoff’s Christianity.
31 August at 11:38 · Like

Ben Neale Time and place re that last comment methinks
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Vaughan Jackson After all, you can only serve one master at a time. Nevertheless, his books and DVD’s on martial arts are superb, and his “Fence” concept of self defence was truly revolutionary.
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Vaughan Jackson I am NOT paying for all the swearing, coarse joking, and Mrs Abernethy jokes….humour is free, isnt it?
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Tony Banger Walsh Geoff is a top man and also a very nice man,his books have helped many people.
31 August at 11:49 · Unlike · 4

Richard Barnes And so have you Tony Banger Walsh
31 August at 12:03 · Like

Steve Clews Gutted Richard, thanks for all the podcasts and all your hard work. I’ll miss you on my long runs and when i’m decorating ;-o
31 August at 12:03 · Like · 1

Mick Tully Integrity is everything
31 August at 12:09 via Mobile · Like · 2

Mick Tully The combination of treachery, deceit and downright lies besmirching your good name has been very saddening.. None of this is from Geoff btw
31 August at 12:14 via Mobile · Like

Brady Hudson One thing I learned through life is that friendships tend to come and go. Some people who have thought to be my closest and dearest friends have turned away through the simplest of disagreements which have been mis judged. Some come back, some don’t. I have trusted people with deepest thoughts and personal info which has bitten me on the backside. I guess I just don’t trust anymore but accept that some things happen for the best and maybe Richard, you’re better off as a result….
31 August at 12:22 · Like · 9

Mick Tully That’s why you’re a good friend though Brady..x
31 August at 12:26 via Mobile · Like · 3

Luke Mannion Fair play to you Rich, keep your chin up mate, I think I know 30,000 or so reasons why this has happened!
31 August at 12:27 via Mobile · Unlike · 3

Brady Hudson Ah thanks Mick ; ) x
31 August at 12:28 · Like · 1

Mick Tully ?32,000 reasons…. And that was what was admitted to 😉
31 August at 12:35 via Mobile · Like · 2

Jennie Golby Is there a reason why you feel the need to write on Facebook about my family? I
31 August at 12:38 via Mobile · Like · 2

Andy Murray So sad to hear this news…your podcasts were great and I got alot of joy from not just geoffs words but also your wisdom. keep us posted on your future plans, solo projects etc…
31 August at 12:46 · Like

Richard Barnes ?to Jennie Golby – I’m sorry to say yes – The association I have with Geoff is public. The podcast we did had over 250,000 downloads. I was advised by Geoff to do what my conscience said was right. I’ve given much thought to using this medium. I am the recipient of unfounded criticism that could impact on my business and family and it is not right I stand by and see wrongdoing continue. My name and reputation have been compromised in law. You have known me far to long to know this is not done without thought and care and how much I have given to all your family.
31 August at 12:56 · Like · 4

Jennie Golby I am disappointed with you. 25 years and you are saying bad about my family. Just remember we are all human Richard, and things like this can hurt peoples feelings, it has with me. You will hear no more from me as I do not wish to have people saying things about my family and upsetting me with it. Really disappointing that adults can act this way.
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Andy Murray I may have missed it but I don’t thing anything was said to be bad on this thread, its just news for the avid listeners of the podcast that it is no more???? And it is in the public interest so we know things are changing. I didnt read anything personal.
31 August at 13:06 · Like · 5

Colin Scott Always sad to see a good friendship dissolve. At the end of the day you have to protect what is yours, I’m absolutely sure you have your reasons mate and have given days of thought before making this post. I personally look forward to your on going posts as I enjoy your positivity and drive.
31 August at 13:11 via Mobile · Like · 4

Jonathan Kellett I have yet to see Rich say anything ‘bad’ on here. In fact, he (or someone associated with the podcast) has a duty to inform the listeners about what is happening. Best of luck going forward, Rich. Glad I can follow you on here!
31 August at 13:25 · Like · 6

Trevor Teale Money has a way of making the most pious of people act in ways that you wouldnt expect. “Business is business” etc. I think your reputation and integrity is safe Richard.
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Andy McGowan I don’t know how Geoff or anyone else could start charging for the podcasts. They would have ended ages ago if it wasn’t for us downloading them and putting forward questions. Think of how many extra books he has sold as a result of the pods. Why charge?
31 August at 13:30 · Like · 7

Andy Murray I hope your friendship can heal ( if Geoff believes in his own words, I am sure it can ) but I understand you must move on from a professional perspective. Take care.
31 August at 13:32 · Like

Andy Murray Andy ( the other andy ) makes a stellar point! I have been buying books FROM the podcasts….and I have too downloaded them as I have went. Money has still been made from these, I think that is a mistake and I personally don’t believe they would sell much. Especially as most are topical.
31 August at 13:34 · Like

Andy McGowan I had never heard of Geoff until the pods, and have bought a few books myself from listening to them. It is a disgrace if they have deliberately taken the free pods off the internet with the sole intention of selling them back to us. We all make mistakes in life Geoff, and this is one of yours.
31 August at 13:37 · Like · 2

Andy Murray As I said, I don’t think many people would buy them. I have also bought books and dvds as a direct relation to these podcasts. Maybe Geoff is getting ill advice from a third party, I cant believe he would want to charge for these…of course we all need to make money but not rehashing pod casts that have already served him with the money shape in less direct ways. If this is a personal choice, to go down this road, it makes what I have read and listened too come of as a little less genuine….and that sorely disappoints….of course this is all speculation and we don’t really know the facts. I am not against a guy making a living but this is a slightly cynical move if true.
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Karl Convey Your truly a top fella Ricahrd Richard Barnes! Keep your chin up as i know you will. I always thought you was the back bone behind them podcast’s. {And that’s no disrespect to Geoff}. Keep up your good work and i’m truly glad i have axcess to you on good old face-ace! ;0} Love to both you and Geoff. Your were quit the team.
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Ian Rand Sorry to hear that Rich, I had many a good laugh listening to both your banter on the podcasts and thank you so much for all your hard work which you kindly provided for free. Although we’ve never met I feel I know you through the podcasts and thank you for your FB friendship, I admire your integrity in doing what you felt was right and really hope the criticism doesnt affect your family or your business
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Amanda Green This all sounds extremely complex Richard. I hope everything works out well for you. Take care x
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Karen Wells Sorry to hear this. I really enjoyed the podcasts, they helped me through some dark times. Good luck with future ventures. 🙂
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JA Harrison tis a sad day indeed to read of such things, but Rich I thank you kindly for all those hours you gave up to record the podcasts and to answer questions of those seeking wisdom – I learned a lot of important lessons from the podcasts. It’s a shame if something originally given away is now going to be charged for….good luck with the future Mr Barnes…
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Richard Barnes Jennie Golby sentiment “You will hear no more from me as I do not wish to have people saying things about my family and upsetting me with it. Really disappointing that adults can act this way.” is spot on. Geoff himself talks about removing yourself from such negativity. It drags you down. It limits your outlook. It diminishes the value you have in yourself.

This encapsulates my reason for this posting. This and one thing more. Sometimes disassociating yourself is not enough. Sometimes you have to say enough is enough and this is my reason why.

John F Kennedy said, “To sin by silence when we should protest, makes cowards of men”.

The issue Geoff and I no longer see eye to eye to the conduct of son, Louis. I run my own business. These are the facts known to me.

Early 2011 Louis paid me £1,200 to develop his first web site, create video and setup online marketing. He paid upfront.

Mid 2011 Louis gained a qualification as a personal trainer and offered me the chance to undertake his 12 week program for free. I was to be a guinea pig. For me the results were outstanding. During this time I setup other domains and provide web services for free to Louis.

Week 10 of the process I learn Louis had been arrested, charged and then convicted of Fraud. –

I was asked to provide a character reference. It was conveyed to me that the offence was an isolated incident while Louis was suffering from depression and he was remorseful. I was happy to help the family. People make mistakes, some more stupid than others, some silly, some have more gravity. I was glad to put my name and reputation to support him and his family.

Louis received an 8 month sentence suspended for two years.

I continued to support him to July this year. At that time a suggested to Geoff I pass on the running of the site to Louis. The reality was I was spending a large amount of time for free in supporting Louis and the site. It was to the detriment of my family.

From March to June I received over 450 emails from Louis asking for direction and guidance sent from his new workplace. I helped.

In supporting Geoff recently I had started developed and fronted his Facebook Group adding nearly 2,000 member again not charging as I believed in the message Geoff teaches, Geoff didn’t see the value of social media to his business. This along with chargeable work.

In the last five weeks I have learned the information told to me about the crime Louis committed was not correct. His fraud was perpetrated over a number of months whilst working for a holiday company. He had used the password of his then pregnant fiancé who was on maternity leave to authorise payments made into accounts he owned. She knew nothing about this.

Had I known this, I would not have provided a character reference.

There have been numerous issues since then.

Renewals were sent for his domains after a years free hosting he decided he could not pay. I wondered at this point how he had initially funded the first site I did. The thought that the money paid to me was not legitimately earned is abhorrent and a betrayal.

Two weeks ago I can show he attempted to hack my company web site.

His new enterprise L’Coco Web Design Ltd continues to be a cause for concern.

The design he suggests was done by him is actually very similar to and for a time shared the same source code.

At present he is running a competition that is unlawful. It is also in breach of the CAP code which stipulates how legitimate business should run competitions.

L’Coco are also in breach of Facebook Pages Terms and conditions. Also stating your company is Limited when it is not also is in breach on the Companies Act and unlawful.

Yesterday I notice that Geoff’s site was displaying new front page. The code shows it was copied from a Virgin Atlantic page.

I have spoken to Geoff about this and this is where we agree to differ. Like Jennie, Geoff’s daughter says at outset of this protracted post she wants no more to do with me because of upsetting circumstances.

After 25 years perhaps you can begin to understand how upset I am over all this . As Geoff teaches himself it time to move on.

Jenny says “Really disappointing that adults can act this way.” I agree.
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Martin Williams He sounds like a bit of a shit really…Good on you Rich.
31 August at 18:07 · Like · 1
Jaz Singh sad to hear, i absollutlely loved listening to you guys debating on the pod casts and looked forward to them, real shame, hopefully in future you can continue again together,
31 August at 18:13 · Like · 2
JA Harrison Desperately thinking of something wise to say……desperately failing. This really is sad to see from a watchers point of view….wish both sides could see the bigger picture here, because something beautiful is ending. If that makes me an old romantic, so be it. Rich I see your side of it, and for you to be removed from Geoff’s business in this way is shocking – but professionally its not the end of the world for you – you are talented enough to carry on and build your web business to bigger and better things.

Its just a real shame it’s come to this….#gobsmacked
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Trevor Teale Dodgy little trickster. The shame. They have lost an asset in losing your association.
31 August at 19:20 via Mobile · Like · 3
Ben Neale Difficult to know what to say Rich, how upset and betrayed you must feel after such a long time of knowing Louis. Geoff and his books and advice have been a massive influence on my life for such a long time, and your podcasts have also been such an inspiration. I think it’s really brave of you to voice what has happened and to do the right thing by eliminating as many negative aspects of the situation as you can, however painful that may be. I also wish you all the best in your future endeavors. Most important of all though I hope you and Geoff remain friends after all you’ve gone through together.
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Andy McGowan Maybe it’s about time we had a “Richard Barnes Podcast” Would be fun and entertaining.
31 August at 20:04 · Like · 10
Ben Neale What a brilliant idea!
31 August at 20:05 via Mobile · Like · 2
Richard Barnes It did cross my mind. I thought about interviewing ‘normal’ people about how they acheived or overcame adversity. So many unsung heros out there
31 August at 20:10 · Like · 17
Raymond King hey rich.. just reading all whats been going on, youre a man of values and its good you stick to them.. .. lets get up the lakes soon for some fresh air clinic..
31 August at 20:58 · Unlike · 1
Brian Collier I’m not normal Rich but u can interview me ,I got some crazy stories for you lol
31 August at 21:05 via Mobile · Unlike · 4
Mick Tully Make yourself an honest man, and then you may be sure there is one less rascal in the world. ~Thomas Carlyle
31 August at 21:09 via Mobile · Unlike · 7
Al Peasland CSP-pod cast…. Although,i am far from normal 😉
31 August at 21:16 via Mobile · Unlike · 11
Ben Neale Normality is simply the absence of abnormality 😉
31 August at 21:21 via Mobile · Like · 1
Karen Gadd Rich yes great idea do it do it do ittttttt!!!!
31 August at 21:32 via Mobile · Like · 1
Karen Gadd ?(from a fellow podcaster wot hav won an award – bragging I know – but hey, you should def do one it would be ace)
31 August at 21:33 via Mobile · Like · 3
Mick Tully A lie gets halfway around the world before the truth has a chance to put its pants on. ~Winston Churchill
31 August at 21:38 via Mobile · Like · 4
Karen Gadd Truth should go commando Mr Tully! ROARRRRR
31 August at 21:39 via Mobile · Like · 2
Al Peasland ?60+ posts. is it too late for CSP to sponsor this thread? 😀
31 August at 21:45 via Mobile · Unlike · 4
Brian Collier When life presents u with stress there’s always Lorazapam -Brian Collier
31 August at 21:54 via Mobile · Unlike · 4
Mick Tully Carlsberg don’t do armbars, but if they did.. They’d be delivered by Bri Collier- Mick Tully
31 August at 21:56 via Mobile · Like · 5
Ben Neale If Carlsberg did podcast presenters… 😉
31 August at 22:00 via Mobile · Unlike · 3
Ian Rand New podcast with Al Peasland and Mick Tully, would be brilliant!
31 August at 22:25 · Unlike · 7
Chris Wilson The best thing about the podcasts was the banter between two long standing friends. I hope you get past this sometime in the future and resume your friendship. A father must protect his son but sometimes the price is very high. I will miss the podcasts, they were intelligent and humerous and brightened my day. I think Geoff has gone too far down the “God” path for my comfort but he still has a valid message, and so do you Richard. When you start your own podcast let us all know. Thanks for all your hard work.
31 August at 23:17 · Unlike · 4
Robbie Butler I’m a bit confused now Rich…..when I informed the public of what I knew of Louise and Geoff……you defended him. I said Louise hadn’t trained for as long as he made out as well as the fraud incident….and said they were bullshitters….how does the humble pie taste with a dollop of I told you so taste?
31 August at 23:27 · Like
Alan Stewart Hey Richard I want you to know that I will still be bragging and proudly taking credit for introducing you to the world of podcasting. I am sorry that you have had this negative experience. I am now kicking myself that we didn’t start our own podcast way back when.
Although thinking about it… can you imagine how longwinded the podcasts would have been once the Poms finally one the cricket? 🙂
31 August at 23:49 · Unlike · 1
Alan Stewart You can see that I aint been teached propah. That one the cricket… should have been won the cricket. I am surprised you did not catch me out. (Pun intended)
Saturday at 03:12 · Edited · Unlike · 1
Richard Barnes Wow – what a conversation. Many thanks to one and all. Let me see… Robbie Butler – did you mention pie? “Cakes and pies, cakes and pies” – Deuce Bigalow. I would have like to have re-read the thread you refer to, I spent a lot of time responding, trying to say the right thing based on the facts I knew at the time. Unfortunately the other admin on the group deleted it of his own volition. I was annoyed at this. Elephant in the room was an expression you used. It wouldn’t be right to express an opinion but have offered the above facts as I know them now and all can make your own mind up. Now what flavour pie are we talking about?
Saturday at 09:47 · Edited · Like · 4
Stephen Friel Really enjoyed the podcast Richard. Definitely should consider starting you own. Your obviously a man with integrity and practises what he preaches , well done you.

Doesn’t matter how much glitter you sprinkle over bullshit it still stinks 🙂 ” Steve Friel ”
Saturday at 09:40 via Mobile · Unlike · 3
Ben Neale Mmm.. pies
Saturday at 09:51 via Mobile · Unlike · 2
Richard Barnes Re Podcasts – I am blessed to be surrounded by so many that have a story to share, something to teach, warnings to give to serve others. I will work out a brief and see where it can go. As for my Aussie friend Alan Stewart its never to late to podcast. Even though he’s an Aussie people, he’s alright. Honest.
Saturday at 09:55 · Like · 1
Rob Quarton Is anyone participating in Geoff’s course on Self-Sovereignty due to start in Sept?
Self Sovereignty with Geoff Thompson
Geoff Thompson’s teaching has altered my life beyond belief! It has given me mas…See more
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Mick Tully Someone say Pie? 😉
Saturday at 12:25 via Mobile · Like
Karen Gadd Mmmmm pie…
Saturday at 12:54 via Mobile · Like
Karen Gadd Come on my podcast Rich, we can talk about Marley and the sweeping brush love fest.
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Brian Collier not pie,Lorazepam free your mind lol
Saturday at 12:58 · Like · 1
Karen Gadd Lorazepam pie, mmmm
Saturday at 13:02 via Mobile · Unlike · 1
Brian Collier ?/\ interesting indeed food and high at the same time could be onto something there lol
Saturday at 13:03 · Unlike · 3
Brian Sheeran · Friends with Al Peasland and 3 others
That Self Sovereignty course does look amazing. Apparently there’s an energy in the Universe that is “ripe to be converted into wealth.” Well, at £4,000 per couse (plus VAT) it is certainly working for a certain someone. People should stop looking for someone to lead them in their search for answers. No one else really has a clue anyway. But there is one Universal Law about these Gurus I strongly believe in and will tell you all now – The More They Charge, the Less They Know. Here Endeth The Lesson, send you cheques to Brian Sheeran………
Saturday at 16:06 · Unlike · 7
Shaun Banton Pie?
Saturday at 23:01 via Mobile · Like
Karen Gadd ?’No-one else really has a clue anyway’ Brian says…! Agree!! Genius!!!
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