8 Megapixel iPhone 5

April 21, 2011

Apple rumours are rife about the new iPhone 5 and what new goodies it will have on it. After all if its shiny and made by Apple I want one.

There is talk how many pixels the camera will sport on the phone and the geeks out there are predict 8 million.

Wow – thats loads but here’s the thing and its one of those occasions where you think the bigger the number, the better it must be. With digital camera’s, for the most part that’s hokum. Or cobblers as we say in these parts.

If the lens on the camera is crap you end up with 8 million dodgy blurry pixels.

Its much better to have a good lens and a low pixel count than the reverse.  So I wonder will the new iPhone 5 have a good lens rather than the tiddly effort on the 4? Will see.

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